Artist Statement 2010

My body of work is an accumulation of my lifetime experience of photography, architecture and real estate, (being a photographer and proprietor), all accomplished side-by-side over a period of 45 years.

I have several portfolios: painted architecture, mirrored image architectural studies, abstract views, multi-exposed images, sectional studies as sculptures, and many more.

Photography took my attention early in the 1960’s and real-estate caught my serious attention in 1970 when confronted with my own first apartment, three years later my own house, again three years later, my own loft building in old Montreal.

My photography career started in an industrial photo studio where I was assigned to shoot pavilions for the International Worlds Fair; Montreal’s Expo 67, along with other photo assignments.
Four years into this genre, I discovered fashion and advertising photography, all the while shooting for my personal interest of abstract graphic designs, and abstract views of architecture. At this time I wasn’t aware this was also a body of work. After thirty odd years, while living in Manhattan, I started my return to architectural photography and its art.

Wherever I go, I focus on architecture, patterns, and graphic designs, whether it be in light patterns, floor tiles, windows, the decorative sculpture on facades, or abstracts. I am searching for forms in my abstracts.

When you look at my images, you will see my appreciation of architecture and abstract patterns.

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