01- TWA boat cream&burg: TWA terminal at JFK airport in New York City,
a sectional view of the right side of the terminal’s large windows and it’s
peaked roof. Painted to suit the TWA original colors. Architect: Eero Saarinen 1963

02- TWA Xmas: TWA @ JFK, a close up view of the rain scupper at the front of the building, the roof extends over the front allowing
passengers to enter without getting wet on a rainy day. Painted for a Holiday Greeting card. Architect: Eero Saarinen 1963

03- CSQ Gwathmey-3yr: a sectional view of a condo building at Cooper Union at 8th Street in NYC, building architect Charles Gwathmey / Gwathmey Seigel, 2005

04- Cooper Square reflection: as in 03, same condo building reflecting the old architecture next door, new versus old! Gwathmey Seigel architects. Built 2005

05- Chrysler with red crown: Chrysler building at 42nd St and Lexington Ave, NYC, architects: Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1929

06-Trump Colors; Fu,Yel,Blu: Trump Tower 725 Fifth Ave, NYC, architects
Swanke, Hayden & Connell: Der Scutt-Design, 1983

07- Tiffney Black/red: sectional view of the second Tiffney building
on Fifth Ave / 37th Street, one of a series taken for the buildings lobby poster.
Architect: McKim, Mead, White, 1906.

08- Trump Tower: brown&yellow: Trump Tower at 725 5th Ave at
56th Street NYC, architects: Swanke, Hayden & Connell: Der Scutt-Design, 1983,

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