#1- Miami Blue: a condo building along highway 1A1 Colins Drive, mirroed and painted by hand
(with computer mouse), a happy life in Miami Beach!


I paint by computer mouse on my computer, I choose from millions of colors and paint opaque or transparent and variations there of.

#2- Tampa Museum of Art: a sectional street façade view, then combined with a mirroed image and painted.
Architect: Stanley Saltowitz, San Francisco Ca.

#3- Managua Bandshell#1: a sectional view of a bandshell in Managua, Nicaragua,
designed by Glen Howard Small of Oragon USA. Built in 2001-02.

#4- Valentine: a sectional view of an office building, The Gateway Building,
in Secaucus NJ. Altered tonal values and painted pink, then mirrored top to bottom.

#5- BofAxx: An abstract sectional view of the Miami Bank of America building at sunset,
enhanced color and quad mirrored. Architect: I.M. Pei, 2006

#6- Battery Windows combo: NYC Battery Park / Financial District, an abstract view of the office building doubled up in a mirror effect,
with accentuated colors and contrast, architects: Cesar Peli & Assoc.,1988.

#7 “Evil Pyramid x” was photographed in Las Vegas Nv, part of the MGM casino, this is a painted and mirrored image/p>

#8- Big Blu flies: Same as number 7, except it is floating in the sky, note the light comes from the upper left corner of the photo.

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